How many cups of coffee is it recommended to drink per day?

How many cups of coffee a day can you drink according to science?

Is there such a thing as the right amount of coffee?

How many cups of coffee is it recommended to drink per day

Coffee, nowadays, is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

It gets you up and moving in the mornings, and also revives you in the afternoons.

Coffee has many benefits, but like all good things in this world, it sure must have a limit, right?

In this content, you’ll know the answer.

How many cups of coffee can you drink per day?

According to science, the recommended amount of coffee to drink per day is 2 to 4 cups, since they are equivalent to 200-400 milligrams of caffeine.

Coffee is a stimulant of our nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems. It is also a diuretic drink.

Because of these reasons, it is necessary to drink it in moderation.

However, we admit it.

A regular coffee drinker typically incorporates between 250 milligrams and 600 milligrams a day into his or her body.

(This is equivalent to 8 espressos a day).

Quite a lot more than what is scientifically advised, however, there are no major dangers in doing so.

Generally up to 1,000 milligrams is tolerated (already this point is too much) and not very pleasant symptoms such as irritation and stomach upset can occur.

After that limit there is no evidence of anything bad happening, but like any stimulant drug, it can never be abused.

Abuse leads to boredom and total dependence on a drink that deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated, and for that, we must take it with love and caution.

What about decaffeinated coffee?

The same as traditional coffee. The right measure is 200 and 400 milligrams of decaffeinated coffee a day.

This is because decaffeinated coffee, although it loses practically all the effects of caffeine, also has other compounds such as kahweol and cafestol that can produce the same negative symptoms when the drink is abused.

How many coffees can be drink during pregnancy?

In pregnant women, it is advisable to drink one cup of coffee a day, since according to studies, there are no consequences of consuming 200 mg of caffeine per day.

Of course, whether it is one cup or two will depend on the amount of coffee you drink.

An espresso has between 40 and 80 milligrams of caffeine so you can have a couple of them without any problems.

Research on the subject

All this data is supported by research carried out by the British Heart Foundation and by several other reputable bodies such as the British Cardiovascular Society.

How much caffeine can you consume per day?

You can consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day which is equivalent to 2/3 cups of traditional coffee.

In decaffeinated coffee it is suggested to consume the same amount.

In pregnant women it is advisable to reduce that amount and take it to 1/2 cup of coffee a day.

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