French Coffee Press: Definitive Guide to 2023

If you have never tried French press coffee or also known as plunger coffee, I have several things to tell you: it is smooth, rich, and indulgent.

French Coffee Press

The truth: it’s typically French.

Pair it with a savory croissant or sweet crepes and you’re in heaven.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until paradise to be able to drink this coffee. Can you drink it every day? Yes, and you should!

Are you already curious, but have no idea what we’re talking about?

Don’t worry, in this article we will take an in-depth look at what a French coffee press is, what types of French presses there are, what the best brands of French presses are, and even how to brew your own French press coffee.

Shall we get started?

What is a French coffee press?

No other coffee brewing method works the same way as a French press.

This differential makes it a favorite among coffee connoisseurs.

Yes, including me!

Don’t forget that in this article you can learn about all the types of coffee that exist in the world!

While it takes a little more patience than using a drip coffee maker, the process of making coffee is easy to learn – you’ll be able to master it in no time!

But first, before we go any further, it’s important that we make a disclaimer. You’ve probably only recently started hearing about this method of making coffee, so you may think it’s a new way of making coffee.

However, although its origins are a bit fuzzy, we can say that the French press has been around for over 100 years. So there’s nothing new about it!

However, the actual design of the French press coffee maker was patented in 1929 by Attilo Calimani who, as surprising as it may sound, was Italian and not French.

This design is quite minimalist: it consists of a carafe and an assembly.

The most important thing, before you start, is to make sure you have a good French press coffee maker. But what types of French press coffee makers are there? We’ll look at them below.

Types of French Coffee Presses

Yama Glass 6 Cup Coffee/Tea French Press

Yama is mainly known for its high quality premium borosilicate glass. Likewise, the brand has a reputation for being a master of this production technique. And, let me say, that popularity is proven in this French press.

Moreover, another remarkable feature of this French press coffee maker is that its size is perfect for both coffee and tea drinking. This is a relevant feature if you are a lover of both infusions.

At the same time, its metal casing looks very elegant, and who doesn’t like to have an elegant coffee maker? This creates a very important differential compared to the competition, which usually uses a plastic cover or other cheap materials.

Bodum Chambord French press

Bodum Chambord French press is also a great choice. It’s a classic glass French press with stainless steel frame and heat-resistant, BPA-free plastic handle.

The glass is borosilicate to prevent breakage from heat exposure. This means this French press coffee maker will keep your coffee hot, while still being safe to the touch.

Plus, its three-piece mesh filter is perfect for extracting every bit of flavor, while letting little to no ground coffee through. This press is well designed and easy to use and clean, making it the perfect French press for regular, everyday use.

Frieling double wall stainless steel French Press

One of the biggest complaints from those who hate French press coffee makers is the gritty texture that can occur when some of the “sediment” from the ground coffee sneaks through the filter and ends up in your coffee.

If you’re part of this French press haters club, here’s good news for you: Frieling has a patented filter system exactly to combat this problem. Hooray!

This new system basically consists of a double filter, with a super fine mesh and a metal wire. This ensures that the assembly remains firmly against the inside wall of the pot, preventing the ground coffee from escaping.

In turn, this new design ensures that the coffee stays hotter for longer, especially when compared to other glass French presses.

Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

This French press belongs to Le Creuset, the renowned French company that has been creating brightly colored enameled cast iron cookware since 1925.

Even on the off chance that you are not a collector, the stoneware press is a beautiful piece for your kitchen. Its enamel exterior is resistant to odors, stains, chips and cracks.

In turn, the glossy glaze comes in sixteen Le Creuset colors, including Caribbean, Cerise, Marseille and Soleil. This stoneware alternative to the standard glass French press has a stainless steel assembly and mesh press, as well as being dishwasher safe.

SterlingPro Double Wall French Press

Haven’t you tried making coffee for two in the morning in this modern French press coffee maker yet? You should! The SterlingPro double wall French press allows you to brew enough coffee in the morning for two people.

It features a double-wall construction for durability and insulation. It also has a double filter screen to ensure you keep the grounds out of your coffee.

Plus, it’s easy to disassemble and completely dishwasher safe.

Need any more excuses? Here goes: the stainless finish is so shiny, it’ll make your kitchen Christmas all year round. And, of course, it will never rust.

KONA stainless steel French press

The first impression with this French Kona coffee machine is a curious one: the insulating protective frame of this press gives it a very artistic character.

It comes in two colours, black or red, and offers a little extra protection for the borosilicate glass.

The frame, in turn, is made of rust-proof material, so it won’t rust.

It is also dishwasher safe, and because the press and frame are connected, you can store everything on the same shelf.

How to make coffee in a French press coffee maker

We’ve gone over what this type of coffee maker is all about and what the different types are. So now the real question is how to use it?

Brewing coffee in a French press is simple, but it takes a little practice to brew the perfect cup.

If you’re new to this method, it’s important to make sure you know how to grind coffee beans first. This is critical, as freshly ground beans are the best coffee, regardless of the brewing method you are using.

Don’t forget to check out this article to learn about all the different types of coffee beans that exist.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Add coarsely ground coffee (similar in size to sea salt), preferably freshly roasted and ground, to the pitcher. Add 2 tablespoons per 180 ml of water.
  2. Fill the coffee pot with hot, not boiling, water. Make sure all the beans are soaked.
  3. Then let it steep for at least three minutes. If you want a strong brew, you can let it steep a little longer.
  4. Press the plunger of the assembly gently, using only the weight of your hand, all the way down.
  5. Serve immediately for the best flavor.

3 best brands of French presses

1. Yama

The Yama Glass company still does things the old-fashioned way. And it’s working for them: they’ve been making everything from coffee pots to teapots to glassware for the past 40 years.

At the same time, Yama is proud to have a superior environmental rating. And for good reason. Yama is a company that does things the right way. That’s why its products have the hallmark that they were made to last.

2. Bodum

Within the category of French press coffee machines, another iconic name that cannot go unmentioned is that of Bodum.

This brand, originally founded in 1944 in Denmark, introduced its first French press in 1974 and called it the “Bistro”.

Bodum’s products are characterized by one virtue: they are affordable. This is because Bodum is still in the hands of the family that brought it to life. Peter Bodum said: “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive”, and his coffee machines bear witness to this stance.

3. Le Creuset

If you’re looking to add a classic design with a splash of colour, Le Creuset is the answer.

Since 1925, this brand has been making beautiful, bold cookware. The colorful stoneware glaze on their French press resists chipping and cracking and naturally retains heat. Le Creuset is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a French press with personality.

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