Espresso Coffee: What is it and how to make the best espresso?

Espresso coffee (depending on where in the world you come from) is one of the typical delicacies that penetrates the senses of caffeine fanatics.

Espresso Coffee

Its flavor, strength and consistency make it an irresistible type of coffee for many.

Whether you like it or not, there is a quota of espresso coffee in most of the coffees we usually drink in our daily lives.

Why is that?

Because espresso is the foundation of everything.

In this post I’m going to tell you in detail what espresso is, how to make the best espresso possible and everything you need to be a coffee expert.

What is espresso coffee?

Espresso, espresso, espresso or café solo is a typical coffee from the beautiful Italy.

It is a coffee that contains more caffeine per unit of volume than most other types of coffee and because of this, it is usually served in small cups.

Also, despite the common misconception that espresso coffee contains more caffeine than other types of coffee, espresso generally contains about 150 milligrams of caffeine.

While on the other hand, other types of coffee have between 140 and up to 200 milligrams.

Origin of black coffee

According to the story, the origin of espresso coffee came about due to the high demand for coffee at the time.

Bars and hotels were not able to serve enough coffee to their clients, so they started to give black coffee, in order to deliver the cups in a faster way, both for the workers and for the clients.

Types of espresso

There are different types of espresso coffee which are also called espresso shots.

  • Traditional
  • Double espresso/doppio
  • Short espresso/ristretto
  • Long espresso or lungo

As you will see from their names, the biggest difference is in the size of the caffeine measure.

The sizes always vary between regular, double or triple.

The Ristretto, for example, is a shot of espresso with a smaller amount of water which guarantees a huge caffeine hit.

Preparation of an espresso

Do you want to know how to prepare the best espresso?

Every coffee has its own preparation, its own method and, fortunately, we all have different tastes.

The perfect espresso consists of several parts.

1. Beans

The beans must be well ground, otherwise you will get a coffee with very little personality and a mild taste.

The perfect espresso coffees must transmit strong aromas that just by smelling them fill your senses, with coarse beans this will not happen.

2. Coffee machine

We all know that a good coffee machine is very important.

The better the quality of your espresso machine the better. All machines vary in price, quality and results.

An ideal espresso machine is one that provides the ideal pressure to bring the cup of coffee to near perfection.

3. Skills

Of course, the skills of the barista or coffee artisan also play a fundamental role.


  • The cup of coffee is not extremely hot (and not cold either).
  • The coffee is consistent with a fine grind (but at the same time, not too fine).
  • Bitter but long-lasting taste with an important aftertaste after drinking the beverage.

So, what’s the difference between traditional coffee and espresso?

Maybe you’ve read this post and you’re wondering:

“But then, what’s so different about espresso coffee with a traditional one?”

And I’m glad I have the answer to that question.

The difference is simply based on its brewing method.

While in traditional coffee you simply make it without taking into account the type and quality of the grind, the pressure or the quantities, in espresso coffee all these elements are precisely measured to give the true taste of an espresso.

Remember that coffee and the proportion of its ingredients are just as important as any other beverage or food, if we make a mistake with the quantities it can go wrong.